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Q. Show Space Considerations for plant?

There are particular spacing constraints which need particular care and attention when optimizing the layout area utilization in both new plants and brownfield modifications:

• Layout design requirements need to focus on achieving adequate safe spacing of equipment and hazardous elements in the space environment (e.g. minimum horizontal and vertical clearances and minimum fire separation allowances).

• Layout should allow sufficient separation of buildings and temporary buildings to account for hazardous inventories, especially those likely to arise during start-up, shut-down and emergencies (e.g. lessons from the BP Texas City explosion).

• Ensure that safe areas are established away from potentially hazardous items and activities.

• The location of storage areas for hazardous materials needs to consider blast overpressure contours and sympathetic detonation effects.

• Equipment tends to be large and layout can have an impact on constructability and operability factors, including equipment maintenance access ways and lay-down areas.

• Any intentions for future expansion.

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