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One of the very useful things about Internet is that it enables almost instantly exchange of electronic message (e-mail) across the worlds. E-mail is a standard as well as popular way of communication on the electronic frontier. You can E-mail to your friend or a researcher or anybody for getting a copy of a selected paper. E-Mail system provides services that allowed complex communication and interaction. E-mail provide below facilities:

  • Composing & sending/receiving a message.
  • Storing/forwarding/deleting/replying to a message.
  • Sending a single message to more than one person.
  • Sending text, graphics, voice and video.
  • Sending a message which interacts with other computer programs.

Another generally used Internet service is electronic mail. E-mail uses an application level protocol known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP. SMTP is also a text-based protocol, though unlike HTTP, SMTP is connection oriented. SMTP is also more complicated than HTTP.

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