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Q. Show reversible and exothermic reaction?

The fact that SO2, can be oxidised to SO3, by air in the presence of platinum catalyst is the basis of the contact process which is used the world over for the manufacture of H2SO4.SO3 is obtained in a manner similar to the chamber process. But before oxidation it requires thorough purification in order to avoid the poisoning of the catalyst, particularly by the arsenic impurities. The purified SO2 is then oxidised directly according to the following reaction:

SO2+ 1/2O2----------------> SO3.DH0= -98 kj mol-1

It is a reversible and exothermic reaction proceeding with a reduction in the volume.  According to Le Chatelier principle, the yield of SO, would increase under the following conditions:

i) High pressure

ii) High concentration of 02,

iii) Low temperature

iv)Continuous removal of SO3, from the reaction

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