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Internal business risk associated with the operational efficiency of the firm. The operational efficiency differs from company to company. The efficiency of operation is reflected on the company's achievement of its pre-set goals and the fulfillment of the promises to its investors.

(i) Fluctuations in the Sales: The sales level has to be maintained. It is common in Business to lose customers abruptly because of competition. Loss of customers will lead to a loss in operational income.

(ii) Research and Development (R&D): Sometimes the product may go out of style or become obsolescent. It is the management, who has to overcome the problem of obsolescence by concentrating on the in-house research and development program. Short sighted cutting of R & D budget would reduce the operational efficiency of any firm.

(iii) Personnel Management: The personnel management of the company also contributes to the operational efficiency of the firm. Frequent strikes and lock outs results in loss of production and high fixed capital cost. The labor productivity also would suffer. The risk of labor management is present in all the firms.

(iv) Fixed Cost: The cost components also generate internal risk if the fixed cost is higher in the cost component. During the period of recession or low demand for product, the company cannot reduce the fixed cost. The same time in the boom period also the fixed factor cannot vary immediately. Thus, the high fixed cost component in a film would become a burden to the firm.

(v) Single Product: The internal business risk is higher in the case of firm producing a single product. The fall in the demand for a single product would be fatal for the firm. Further, some products are more vulnerable to the business cycle while some products resist and grow against the tide. Hence, the company has to diversify the products if it has to face the competition and the business cycle successfully.

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