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Effects of environmental disasters, Primary effects 1.      Nuclear con...

Primary effects 1.      Nuclear contamination 2.      Biological contamination 3.      Chemical contamination 4.      Destruction of infrastructure facilities. 5.

Explain zygotic gametic meiosis - meiosis, Q. What respectively are zygotic...

Q. What respectively are zygotic gametic meiosis, meiosis and sporic meiosis? Zygotic meiosis is the one that occurs in the haplontic haplobiontic life cycle and Gametes from a

Assessment of exstrophy of the bladder, Assessment You can observe it...

Assessment You can observe it visually at birth. The anterior abdominal wall is absent and the posterior bladder lining which is bright red in colour is exposed. Urine seeps

Mollusca, General characters of mollusca

General characters of mollusca

Define diet for treatment for protein energy malnutrition, Define Diet for ...

Define Diet for Treatment for Protein Energy Malnutrition? Treatment of cases of kwashiorkor or marasmus involves mainly providing appropriate nutrition support. The child shou

Define reaction of glucose & fructose with fehlings reagent, Define Reactio...

Define Reaction of glucose and fructose with Fehlings reagent? Lactose is a milk sugar. It is a reducing disaccharide having a free sugar group and can reduce Fehling's reagent

Nutrition, nutrition in paramecium

nutrition in paramecium

Phytoflagellates - protozoan, Phytoflagellates – Protozoan Phytoflagel...

Phytoflagellates – Protozoan Phytoflagellates are autotropbs that possess chlorophyll or other related pigments, and store food as fats, oils and starches (other than glycogen

Cow-pox (vaccinia), C o w - po x (vaccinia) E p ide...

C o w - po x (vaccinia) E p idemiology: This infection, although mostly occurring in cows, sometimes also occurs in buffaloes. Under natural conditions, t

Safety measures in the administration of drugs, SAFETY MEASURES IN THE ADMI...

SAFETY MEASURES IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF DRUGS It is essential to revise the five "Rights" before administration of medication to the paediatric group. These as you know are:

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