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describe the factors which decide the broad area of scientific activity

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Explain the disorders of the female reproductive system, Explain the Disord...

Explain the Disorders of the Female Reproductive System Over the last decade, there has been a growing concern regarding the prevalence and extent of reproductive tract infecti

The difference between hard and soft water, The difference between hard and...

The difference between hard and soft water Collect some hard water from a stream(or make some as defined in the next experiment). Also secure some soft water like as rain wate

Explain fungiform papillae, Explain Fungiform papillae: These are. situ...

Explain Fungiform papillae: These are. situated mainly at the tip and the edges of the tongue. They have a flat, rounded head like fungus. The fungiform papillae are rich in bl

Explain specific defence mechanism, Explain Specific Defence Mechanism ...

Explain Specific Defence Mechanism In the section on white blood cells, we learnt that whenever a germ or infection enters our body, the WBCs snap to attention and destroy the

Body, how much bones are in human body?

how much bones are in human body?

Define haemorrhagic or blood loss anaemia, Define Haemorrhagic or Blood Los...

Define Haemorrhagic or Blood Loss Anaemia The body replaces plasma within 1-3 days after a haemorrhage, but this leaves a low concentration of red blood cells. In chronic bloo

Describe, QUESTION (A) Describe, with diagram, the structure of a neuro...

QUESTION (A) Describe, with diagram, the structure of a neuron (B) ‘Neurons are specialized cells that carry messages.' Describe how messages are carried by neurons (C) F

Determine about the moisture content of soil, Moisture Content of Soil ...

Moisture Content of Soil As mentioned above the degree of moisture pertains to relative concentration (rather than the absolute amount) of water, independent of the size of sam

Isomers having same molecular form, Isomers are different  compounds' hav...

Isomers are different  compounds' having  same  molecular form  but  different structural forms. a) Glucose and Fructose b)  Glucose and Galactose

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