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#qpecifically, they want to find two separate locations: one where shallow, large magnitude earthquakes are frequently found, and one where large steep volcanoes that have explosive eruptions are found. Your job is to identify locations on Earth that will meet these two needs. You will find one place for the earthquakes and one place for the volcanoes.uestion..

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Ask question #slslslslslss;s;a;s;xsppfjeerrtu uy ueueq fufa sf e rht rh oohs erh uh ff d euooeoe eryur r ir eer uryr ouruufhfskj u hegg hgg e eru rers ogg eroh ejhr err ef

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what is the cause and effect of vulvovginitis?

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Explain the Simple Cells - Primary Visual Cortex They are most sensitive to lines oriented in a particular angle to the vertical. Simple cells probably receive a convergence of

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