Salient features of the fisheries and marine resources act, Business Law and Ethics

Question 1:

The Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries has come up with a new Fisheries and Marine Resources Act to provide a coherent legal and institutional framework with a view to ensuring the sustainable development of our resources.

Outline the salient features of the Fisheries & Marine Resources Act?

Question 2:

"STATES should establish, maintain and develop an appropriate legal and administrative framework which facilitates the development of responsible aquaculture".

Discuss what should be done at national level to ensure the implementation of legal/administrative framework for the development of responsible aquaculture?

Question 3:

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea was concluded on 10 December 1982. (Montengo Bay, Jamaica) and entered into force on 16 November 1994. It is commonly referred to as a "Constitution for the Ocean" as it addresses every aspects of the uses and resources of the sea.

Show the key provisions of UNCLOS with focus on fisheries.

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