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modern members of roof

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Explain sedimentation, Explain Sedimentation 1. Sedimentation bas...

Explain Sedimentation 1. Sedimentation basin or clarifier is used to remove particles that will settle in a reasonable time period 2. Basins are usually rectangular or

Execution compression test for concrete, Question In execution compression...

Question In execution compression test for concrete , have to test cubes .Test cylinders be approved? Answer Essentially, results of compression test carried out by using cu

Report, report on lintels and arches

report on lintels and arches

Principal stresses and strains, Principal Stresses and Strains: Princi...

Principal Stresses and Strains: Principal Stresses and Strains is a very important link in the analysis of solids so as to make sure safe design of different components of str

Explain dielectric breakdown, Explain Dielectric breakdown Dielectric ...

Explain Dielectric breakdown Dielectric breakdown means failure or deterioration of the dielectric material because of various reasons.

Stainless steel really stainless in construction purpose, Question Is i...

Question Is it true that stainless steel really stainless in construction purpose ? Answer Stainless steel refers to alloy steels with more than 10.5 percent of chrom

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