Risk management option assessment, Biology

Risk management option assessment:

Identification of available management options

Selection of preferred management option, including consideration of an appropriate safety standard.  "Safety  standard" here  refers  to  'the level  of acceptable  risk, which is  adopted  by  risk managers  or  implicit  in  the chosen risk management  option'.  Examples include  "Zero-risk"  standards [such  as  are usually implicit  in  de minimis  and Acceptable Daily  Intake (ADI) levels], "balancing"  standards  [such as cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness and as low as reasonably achievable  (ALARA)], "threshold" standards (where a non-zero level of risk is stipulated as acceptable), or "procedural"  standards (where the acceptable risk level  is determined by  an agreed process,  such as  a negotiation or referendum), and

Final management decision.


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