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what is respiration?

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What do you mean by blinking and peering in the eyelid, What do you mean by...

What do you mean by blinking and peering in the eyelid? Blinking and Peering: Blinking considers as to the opening and closing movements of the eyelid. The function of b

How does aldosterone act and where is it produced, How does aldosterone act...

How does aldosterone act and where is it produced? Aldosterone is a hormone that acts upon the nephron tubules stimulating the resorption of sodium. Thus it contributes to the

Pathophysiology of valvular heart diseases, Pathophysiology   Large hae...

Pathophysiology   Large haemorrhages and fibrinous lesions vegetate along the inflaked edges of valves. The lesions develop on adjacent valve leaflets so that the edges adh

Pennetula, Characters of pennetula

Characters of pennetula

Verify where recombination happens along a chromosome, In a follow up to Al...

In a follow up to Alfred Sturtevant's studies on recombination in the fruit fly, Seymour Benzer used complementation studies of bacteriophage mutants to verify where recombination

Chromophore - development of plant, Chromophore - Development of plant ...

Chromophore - Development of plant The chromophore is a tetrapyrrole molecule like chlorophyll, but unlike chlorophyll it is an open tetrapyrrole and contains no metal ion. It

What is phenotypical proportion, Considering hybridization in a given trait...

Considering hybridization in a given trait like the color of the hair of a mammalian species (white/black) conditioned by a pair of different alleles under complete dominance (blac

Describe about collective or universal consciousness, Q. Describe about Col...

Q. Describe about Collective or Universal consciousness? Neurochemicals and associated brain processes are simply channel selectors for various states of consciousness. All sta

Brief descriptions of how to test, If sugar is heavier than aspartame, then...

If sugar is heavier than aspartame, then the can of regular soda will sink. How will you test this hypothesis? Write brief descriptions of how you could test?

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