Relationship between organizational politics and leadership, HR Management

Relationship between organizational politics, leadership and performance:

Theoretical model: the research model dedicated suggests a relationship between leadership. Organizational politics and employee's performance. The model argues perceptions of organizational politics mediate the relationship between leadership and performance. Pillai examined the relationship between transformation and transaction leadership, procedure justice and distributive justice, and trust to organizational obligation, OCB and satisfaction from work. He found that an indirect relationship exists between transformation leadership and OCB. The studies of Mackenzie examined the effect of transformation and transaction leadership on the marketing personnel's performance at an insurance company. Findings showed the transformational leadership has more influence on the performance than transaction leadership. This finding support assumptions that the transformational leadership style has a stronger relationship with in role performance and with OCB compared with transaction leadership. Most studies on the relationship between the leadership and performance show a stronger relationship b/w transformation leadership and performance than b/w transaction relationship and performances. It seems that in many organizations. Some studies have found that there is a significant relationship b/w the conditional gratitude measure and in the role performance.

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