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Recognition of disputes

Recognition of disputes relates to a State not recognizing a certain dispute. However, if the whole world acknowledges a certain dispute then it is necessary for it to be recognized by that particular State. For example, Kashmir dispute, since it is recognized by US government therefore, it should and has been recognized as a dispute by both the nations involved: Pakistan and India. The disputes are further categorized into two kinds: territorial and individual. Another way of classifying or recognizing a dispute is to look at the State practice from which it can easily be determined and inferred whether it falls under the heading of a dispute or not. It can further be demonstrated by the resolutions passed by the UNSC which clearly demarcates the legitimacy and recognition of a particular dispute. For example, UNSC Resolution 1172/1998 recognized the dispute between India and Pakistan and urged them to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid threatening military movements, cross-border violations, or other provocations in order to prevent an aggravation of the situation

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