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The dictionary explains the word 'inventory' as stock of goods. Although, inventory implies that such type of assets that will be disposed of in future in the common course of business. Bolten S.E. has explained this as, "inventory considers to the stock-pile of the product a firm is giving for sale and the elements that make up the product." Conversely, inventory is used to present the aggregate of those items of tangible assets that are:

(i) held for sale in common course of the business;

(ii) in process of production for such sale or

(iii) To be presently consumed in the production of services or goods to be available for sale.

Inventories are held fundamentally to smoothes the operations of the firm. Shortage of inventory at any point would disrupt operations resulting in either perfect time for men and lost or machine sales. A manufacturing firm may have inventories of various stages in the production process.

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