Radiographic examination of welded joints, Mechanical Engineering

Q. Radiographic examination of welded joints?

Radiographic examination (RT) of welded joints shall be performed as required by the Code. Acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with the Code.

All radiographs taken during fabrication shall be available for examination by WorleyParsons Canada.

10% of all pipe welds shall be 100% radiographed. The remainder of the pipe to pipe welds shall be subject to MT at root runs.

 Nozzle to drum or header weld shall be radiographed, if deemed meaningful. Fine grain films shall be placed to cover the entire periphery of nozzle neck or stub-to-drum weld areas. If radiography is not meaningful for that weld joint, UT with MT on final finished surface, shall be employed, if UT gives meaningful interpretation. Otherwise, MT on root runs and final finished surfaces shall be performed.

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