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Define CAD and its applications, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) CAD is use...

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) CAD is used in design and development of new products in a diversity of applications both at commercial/industrial and on a home basis. Illustration

example of alteration of position and reference line method, Example of Al...

Example of Alteration of Position and Reference Line Method: Sketch the projections of a pentagonal prism edge of the base 50 millimeter long and height 90 millimeter, the axi

Pnumatics, how to draw circuits using cascade

how to draw circuits using cascade

Laser beam welding, LASER BEAM WELDING In this process, fusion is ac...

LASER BEAM WELDING In this process, fusion is achieved by directing a highly concentrated beam to a fine spot. The word LASER  is an abbreviation of Light Amplification by S

Evaluation the enthalpy of steam - thermodynamics, Evaluatio n the Enthalp...

Evaluatio n the Enthalpy of Steam: Let h f   = Heat of liquid or sensible heat of water in KJ/kg h f g   = Latent heat of vaporization of steam in KJ/kg t

Manufacturing methods of ceramics, Manufacturing Methods Of Ceramics Th...

Manufacturing Methods Of Ceramics The ceramics manufacturing consists in shaping along with or without pressure and firing to consolidate. The simplest and cheapest process of

What do you understand by inversion of mechanism, (a) What do you understan...

(a) What do you understand by Inversion of Mechanism ? Describe in detail the following : (i) Crank and Lever mechanism (ii) Double crank Mechanism (b) What are the condit

Kinematics, Kinematics: We have seen the various types of motions whic...

Kinematics: We have seen the various types of motions which may be undergone by particles and rigid bodies. You may be able to understand the relationships of displacement, ve

Determine the half-space method, Half-space Method Solid representation...

Half-space Method Solid representation is based fundamentally on the notion that a physical object divides an n-dimensional space E n into two regions: interior and exterior,

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