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Q. Process of Packaging and labeling of the product?

Packaging of biscuits involves both the primary and secondary packets. These primary package should be laminated paper which should have wax paper (oil-proof ) and moisture-proof paper, so that there is no absorption of moisture from the atmosphere which will make the biscuits soggy i.e they tend to loose their crispness. The secondary packing is normally used to further protect the biscuits from moisture absorption, breakdown etc. It is also used as a print media for all the labeling information required.


The labeling of the pack should include the following:

• Green dot indicating the Vegetarian mark.

• List of ingredients in the proportion of use as for this pack these would be: bajra, refined flour, wheat bran, butter, sugar, milk and baking powder.

• Weight of the product= 75 g.

• Cost of the product which is the MRP= Rs. 7.00.

• Nutritional information per 75 g : as indicated in the table above.

• Date of manufacturing.

• Shelf life or best before say 6 months after the date of manufacturing.

• The product can have its own brand name or logo such as Bajra crunchies: a natural way to good health.


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