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Identify a short passage from the Bhagavad Gita excerpt that represents Hindu thought and explain what this passage means to you. Analyze why early followers of Buddhism did not

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are chimpanzees endangered?

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What factors and forces ultimately led to the Allied victory in World War II?

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What was the Homestead Act of 1862, and what did it do? Why was farming difficult out west?

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Could the Islamic forces of the Middle east be justified in looking down on the Latin Crusaders as Barbarians?

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Need examples of a relationship between social hierarchy or authority and monuments in our era.

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European society was both hierarchical and corporate. Explain what this means while describing Europe's various social classes and their relationship to each other.

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Explain the Contract Theory of Government. Why did it make sense in the New World View, but not the Old World View. How does the Declaration of Indepedence make use of this view of

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How did differences between the North and South contribute to the political, economic, and ideological pressures that resulted in the Civil War? Compare and contrast the North and

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Was the Civil Rights Movement a completed revolution (i.e. did it accomplish all of the goals it set out)? In constructing your argument and response, be sure to demonstrate your u

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