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General Components Ltd produces a component ‘X', the selling price of which is Rs 50. The unit cost structure based on the present level of production/sales of 100 000 units is:

Direct materials           Rs 20
Direct labour               Rs 5
Variable Overhead      Rs 2
Fixed overhead           Rs 8

The present level of production represents 100% of capacity working a single shift. The marketing manager estimates that at the present price the quantity sold during the next year could be increased by 50%.

A second shift has been proposed. This would increase production capacity to 180 000 components per annum, fixed costs increasing by Rs 550,000 per annum. A shift work premium of 20% would be payable to the direct workers engaged on the additional shift. However, if production was at least 150 000 components per annum, the whole of the direct materials used would qualify for a discount of 10%.


Calculate whether it would be profitable for General Components Ltd to add the second shift.

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