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This assignment will be to describe and document the internal controls over a transaction cycle at a local business. A transaction cycle could be the sales process, inventory control process, incoming cash receipts process, payroll process, etc. The full cycle (cradle-to-grave) should be covered. Students will need to conduct an interview of personnel involved in the transaction cycle in order to describe the transaction cycle and document the internal controls over the transaction cycle. Students may use a transaction cycle from their current company, or can interview friends, family or other business contacts regarding a transaction cycle in their business.

Part I:

Prepare a narrative describing the transaction cycle process in detail including the dates interviews were conducted and the contact information of the person(s) interviewed for the class assignment. Be sure to include sufficient detail of all aspects of the process and both preventive and detective controls in place to mitigate material misstatements of the financial information.

Students may also include exhibits of documents observed or can use flowcharts to better document the process - use of a narrative is required to earn full credit for the assignment.

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