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Q. Show PMI testing of alloy materials?

Suppliers and Construction Subcontractors are required to verify or conduct PMI testing of alloy materials that they procure and use and ensure testing of suspect materials (i.e., not identified as PMI-tested and/or not supported by PMI documentation) prior to use.

The PMI examinations shall provide for qualitative identification that will identify a specific alloy and quantitative, recordable, elemental composition results for positive identification of alloying elements.

  • When PMI testing is performed by the Supplier/Construction Subcontractor or its third party agency, the testing procedure, operator qualification and adequacy of the PMI program shall be reviewed and accepted by WorleyParsons.
  • PMI shall be carried out during receiving inspection of incoming materials and before post-weld heat treatment, or completion of welding as applicable, hydrostatic test, painting or insulation of equipment or piping that requires PMI testing.
  • The area to be PMI-tested shall be solvent cleaned to remove any grease/oil/paint.
  • When deemed necessary, surface, base metal and welds to be PMI-tested shall be prepared.
  • Where a full chemical analysis of a weld surface of overlay or clad restoration area is required, a sample shall be taken by removing a chip of weld metal. If required, the ground/removed location shall be built-up by welding after the PMI test.
  • The PMI test report shall be reviewed prior to hydrostatic test and made part of the hydrostatic test package supporting documents.

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