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what is the photosynthesis?

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What is decarboxylation reaction and biogenic amines, What is Decarboxylati...

What is Decarboxylation Reaction and Biogenic Amines What are biogenic amines? Any of a group of naturally occurring, biologically active amines, such as norepinephrine, histam

Explain about the alluvial soils, Explain about the Alluvial soils All...

Explain about the Alluvial soils Alluvial soils are characterised by their extreme depth, often several hundred feet, and a grey or greyish brown colour. Their texture varies

Explain colouration of faeces - functions of bile, Explain Colouration of f...

Explain Colouration of faeces - Functions of Bile The iron-free breakdown products of haemoglobin (i.e. bilirubin and biliverdin) oxidize to brown stereobilin. This stereobilin

How temperature influences the process of soil formation, How temperature i...

How temperature influences the process of soil formation Temperature is another climatic agent which influences the process of soil formation.  It affects the P/E ratio.  If th

Define whole blood – components of blood, Define Whole blood – Components o...

Define Whole blood – Components of Blood This is rarely employed these days, only really in instances of severe blood loss. In place of it’s almost all time separated into its

Making a ''gusher'' with compressed air, Making a 'gusher' with compressed ...

Making a 'gusher' with compressed air Secure a large narrow-necked bottle like as is used for soda water. Place a single-hole stopper in the bottle. By the stopper put a 10- cm

SURVEYIN, how to overcome river in chain surveying

how to overcome river in chain surveying

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