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Glucose and Sucrose are soluble in water because they are polar compounds.SO they are soluble in polar compounds like water. Cyclohexane and Benzene are non polar compounds.They ar

write the prepation of mohrs salt..

Find the number of degrees of freedom? Consider a single-phase system that is a gaseous mixture of N 2 , H 2 , and NH 3 . For each of the following cases, find the number of de

Uses of methane - Alkanes (1) In the development of compounds such as formaldehyde, methyl chloride, methyl alcohol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, etc. (2) In the prepar

what is equivalent weight of formaldehyde(HCHO)

If wavelength of photon is 2.2x10 -11 m, h= 6.6x 10 -34 J-sec, then momentum of photon is: (1) 3x 10 -23 kgms -1              (2)  3.33x 10 22 kgms -1 (3) 1.452x 10-

Verify the transfer function C(s)/R(s) for the block diagram given below.

Give the example of inductomeric effect.