Phases of a project life cycle, Project Management


(a) A project manager must take ownership of the project at its early stage through the following tasks namely: stakeholder identification and analysis, prepare a business case, create a project charter, organize a kick off meeting and compile a preliminary scope statement. Briefly elaborate on the importance of

(i) A Project Charter
(ii) A Kick off meeting
(iii) The Preliminary Scope statement

(b) The project lifecycle refers to a logical sequence of activities to accomplish the project?s goals and objectives. Regardless of the scope or complexity, any project goes through a series of stages during its life.

(i) Critically discuss, by the use of a diagram, the phases of a project life cycle.

(ii) If the project scope changes at various stages in the life cycle, discuss on the level of effort, the level of influence and the cost of changes in the project.

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