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Periodical Article

A periodical is a publication that is  published  periodically like  a newspaper a magazine  and a journal. Usually  periodicals have  volume numbers  and numbers  like V 23 no 45 this information  should  be included if  it is  given in addition  periodicals have  dates of publication like  may 3. 2002. Use  the same  format  used for books  for multiple  authors .

a.Authors  Know :Authors  last name  authors  first name title  of article  in title  of periodical  volume  number  place  of publication  publisher date  of  periodical section or volume  number page  numbers  of article.

bUnknown Authors: Title  of articles  in title  of periodical  volume  place  of publication; publisher date  of periodical section  or volume numbers  page numbers  of article.

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