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what is the answer using pemdas (32 divided into 4)+3

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Indefinite integrals, Indefinite Integrals : In the past two chapters we'v...

Indefinite Integrals : In the past two chapters we've been given a function, f ( x ) , and asking what the derivative of this function was.  Beginning with this section we are now

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Sharon purchased six adult movie tickets. She spent $43.50 on the tickets. How much was each ticket? To ?nd out the price of each individual ticket, you should divide the total

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If the points for a right angle triangle are XYZ where do I mark the points?

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Pre-operational Stage :  This period of a child's cognitive development usually begins at the age of 2, and lasts until about the age of 6. Thus, it usually coincides with the pre

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On a picnic outing, 2 two-person teams are playing hide-and-seek. There are four  hiding locations (A, B, C, and D), and the two members of the hiding team can hide separately in a

Counting, how do i count by 45s

how do i count by 45s

Example of making connections of a child with maths, After a lot of effort,...

After a lot of effort, 8-year-old Hari worked out 2 x 88 = 176. When asked to say what 2 x 89 was, after a lot of hard work, he produced the answer 178. How would you help him to r

Example of exponential smoothing, Example of Exponential Smoothing ...

Example of Exponential Smoothing By using the previous example and smoothing constant 0.3 generate monthly forecasts Months Sales Forecast

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