Pat Flynn, Case Study

Who is Pat Flynn? Why did he create SPI website? ? What is passive income according to Flynn? ? What are the main products or services on this website? ? In your opinion, what is the purpose of the income reports on SPI website? ? Compare the latest monthly income report (October 2017) with that in April 2011 and October 2008, what are the differences in terms of revenues and expenses? How does Pat’s website generate revenues for him? ? In affiliate earnings, which one contributes the most to Pat’s earnings? ? Pick three sources of affiliate earnings from September 2017 income report and explain what those services/tools are? For example, AWeber, ConvertKit, Market Samurai, etc. ? In your opinion, what is the secret of his success? ? Which part of SPI site are you most interested in? Why? ? What did you learn from this case study?
Posted Date: 11/14/2017 7:49:52 AM | Location : United States

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