Online media agency, DOT NET Programming

Our company is seeking a talented PHP Developer to join our young and dynamic online media agency.

Must have:

- Knowledge in SQL and Databases, proven indexing and coding experience in MySQL - a must.

- Expert knowledge of JavaScript - a must.

- Must be aware of but not reliant on Object Oriented JavaScript Frameworks - jQuery, Prototype JS, MooTools, Dojo, etc... - a must.

- Formal education - Computer science or engineering degree needed- a must.

An advantage:

- Knowledge of HTML/CSS - an advantage.

- Strong command of web standards, cross-browser compatibility, CSS-based design - an advantage.

- Good understanding of web technologies (HTTP, Nginx, Apache or IIS) and familiarity with Linux/Unix and/or Windows server. - an advantage.

- Experience and Knowledge of Linux Server settings - an advantage.

- Familiarity working with more than one programming language, including: Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, Tcl, etc - an advantage.


- Responsible, highly motivated and self-learning

- Strong technical, analytical, and organizational skills.

- Ability to work independently or within a team environment.

- A "self-starter" with good interpersonal skills.

- Excellent analytic and troubleshooting skills

Skills required are .NET, PHP, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Web Scraping

Posted Date: 1/28/2014 3:23:34 AM | Location : United States

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