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Consider an ORDER table with the following attributes:
• Order Number (ONo),Customer Number (CNo),Customer Name (CNa),Item Number (INo),Unit Price (UP), Quantity ordered (QO),Branch Number (BNo),Branch location (BLoc)

ONo CNo CNa INo UP QO BNo Bloc

1 241 Patel A10 5 10 15 Luton
1 241 Patel C13 3 20 12 York
1 241 Patel P15 7 18 30 London
2 250 Hall A10 5 15 15 Luton
2 250 Hall B16 12 2 25 London
2 250 Hall B20 8 1 25 London
2 250 Hall C13 3 5 12 York
3 241 Patel B16 12 11 15 Luton
3 241 Patel B21 2 15 30 London

ONo, CNo, INo, BNo are unique identifiers. The following assumptions have been made:
• Unit price does not depend on quantity
• An item only appears once on each order
• Customer do not get special discounts
• Customer can get items from any branch

Draw the determinacy diagram for the above data and apply normalization concepts upto 3NF. State any assumption that you make
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