Non-documentary sources and institutional resources, Operation Research

Non-Documentary Sources:

On the other hand, non-documentary sources are institutional and human resources, both of which are important links in the information-transfer chain. 

Institutional Resources:

Information is usually in the form of statistical data, descriptive/interpretive data or information, or directory type. To collect the information required, it is essential to know the information generating agency, i.e., the source of information. This would facilitate the  location of the relevant  sources and even if a published record  is not available, raw data may be obtained from the concerned agency. For example, the main sources of industrial / government information are the central and state governments  and their  various departments, learned and research institutions, international organisations, or associations, chambers of commerce, etc. In the context of planning for tile establishment and development of small-scale Industries, the following institutional sources  of information would be very  useful, especially in the preparation of feasibility reports:  

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