Myths which people usually associate to knowledge management, Other Management


Federal Express: Turning expressed knowledge into profits ‘Before the emergence of the web, Federal Express developed and implemented an internal technology based system for automating shipping, tracking and invoicing. In 1993, Federal Express begin to bring this functionality to the internet on a web platform that gave customers access to shipping information 24 hours a day. Customers were able to input their tracking code as well as trace the route their packages had taken, from point of pick up to delivery. This level of customer access proved to be a tremendous competitive advantage. Federal Express can continually deepen its customer responsiveness by tracking how customers use this website, what they complain about and what additional features they want.'

(a) Differentiate between expressed knowledge, expressible knowledge and inexpressible knowledge

(b) What is competitive advantage and how can knowledge management help an organisation to improve its competitive advantage?

(c) Discuss the major myths which people generally associate to knowledge management

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