Multimedia and its features, Computer Graphics

Multimedia as the name suggests MULTI and MEDIA utilizes some media for example: text, graphics, audio, video and also animation, to convey information. Multimedia also consider to the use of computer technology to generate, store and experience multimedia content.

In this section, we have tried to know the principle of multimedia, its applications in different fields as education, business, training, entertainment to name some.

The other section deals along with defining objects for multimedia systems know the nuts and bolts of multimedia technology, as pictures, animation, video, graphics and sound etc.

Such objects of multimedia system require to be transmitted; thus, there is a requirement for their compression and for optimum bandwidth usage, compression of different techniques.

The last section deals along with the fundamental toolset for building multimedia projects which includes one or more authoring systems and different applications for texts, sounds, images and motion video editing. This also addresses the questions: What is the fundamental hardware and software required to develop and run multimedia technology and applications?

In your multimedia toolkit and in your skill the software using at it determines what type of multimedia work you can do and how suitable and fancy you can render this.

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