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Generally in all  industrial process it is desired  that in beginning  the motor  should be run at slow speed and  then gradually  increased to meet the  rated speed. By using  various  methods the speed  of a motor  can be controlled which   gives various  speed in wide  range for various  system. Earlier the conventional method s of speed  control were used which  gave limited range of speed. Now  the new  technology is  used in  which  solid  state devices are used to control  the speed and it  giver very  wide range of speed control. Due to  their  manifold  advantages such  as compactness fast response more efficiency more  control  capabilities  less cost  etc, SCR controlled schemes have totally dominated the  conventional  methods o f speed control.

The electric  are classified  based on the nature  of the electric supply  accordingly the electric motors are basically  classified  as:

a.DC Motor

b.AC Motor

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