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This valve has the same basic features as  of the Tricuspid Valve. It has an anterior and a posterior cusp. The anterior cusp is larger and is attached on the upper right part of the margin of the left AV orifice. The posterior cusp is attached to the lower left part. The anterior cusp intervenes between the Mitral and Aortic orifices. There is, therefore, a forceful blood flow on both surfaces of this cusp. The papillary muscles connected to the cusp of the mitral valve are also called the anterior and posterior. These terms are misleading. The anterior papillary muscle  arises from the sterno-costal wall of the ventricle near the lower end. The posterior papillary muscle arises from the diaphragmatic wall near its anterior end. The two muscles run backwards almost parallel to each other and their origins are close together. The chordae tendinae arising from these papillary muscles pass to the adjoining part of the two cusps of the mitral valve.

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