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modes of operation of 8255

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Discuss mode - 2 of programmable peripheral interface, Discuss mode -2 (bi-...

Discuss mode -2 (bi-directional mode) of 8255 (Programmable Peripheral Interface). Only permitted with port A. Bi-directional bus data used for interfacing two computers and GP

Control bus -bus organisation, Control  Bus The control  bus comprises...

Control  Bus The control  bus comprises of various  single  lines that carry  various  control  signals for synchronizing  various devices  and performing different task. The m

Determine the bits required for a d/a converter, Q. Determine the bits requ...

Q. Determine the bits required for a D/A converter to detect 1-V change when V ref = 15 V.

permanent magnet stepper motor - stepper motor , Normal 0 fa...

Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE   Permanent   Magnet Stepper Motor The s

Various characterstics of a dc shunt generator. , Q.   Draw the various cha...

Q.   Draw the various characterstics of a DC shunt generator and explain critical resistance.   Sol.  Following are three most important characterstics or curves of a d.

Princeton and harvard microprocessor architectures, Question a) Explain...

Question a) Explain, with the aid of diagrams, the differences between the Princeton and Harvard microprocessor architectures. b) Describe why the principle of locality of r

Find the truth table and the type of gate, Q. The DeMorgan's theorems sugge...

Q. The DeMorgan's theorems suggest that the basic logic operations can be realized by use of inverters and NAND gates only. For the circuits shown in Figure,  find the truth table,

Development tool, Development tool for SDR i.e software defined radio

Development tool for SDR i.e software defined radio

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