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Soya bean products

Soya bean and its flours are used in the preparation of a variety of fermented and non-fermented products in Asian countries. However in India, food use of soya bean or soya flour is limited to a few extruded and texturised products. Soya proteins are known to reduce cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemic individuals. The effect is greatest on those with the highest starting levels of cholesterol. These findings strongly support the inclusion of soya proteins (soya protein isolate and soya protein concentrate) in a wide variety of common food products. An average of 17-25 gms of soya protein per day was found to be effective in lowering serum cholesterol. Epidemiological and animal studies have indicated that there could be a correlation between consumption of soya proteins and certain chronic diseases like breast and prostrate cancer.  In  India food grade soya meal (defatted soya flour) is  available which can be used  in formulation of new foods having health benefits.

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