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The central Bank of Utopia in the tiny kingdom of Bawana, near South Africa (pop 1.6 million) has decided to replace the twenty-five and fifty pesos notes by coins of the same value as from December 1st2005. The Bawanese, a very conservative nation, speak Bula, a local dialect, in their large majority, followed by English, and Spanish; they have had, for more than two decades now, an independent media, five television and radio stations and advanced communication systems.

You are the Head of PR Consultants International, which has been assigned the task of planning and implementing the media relations campaign for the launch of the coins.

(i) Outline the various stages in the planning and implementation process, which should include

(a) the aims of the event

(b) your suggested schedule for the actual launch day of the twenty-five and fifty pesos coins, the venue, speakers and the topics each
one will address

(c) identify possible questions from the media, and

(d) give details of the contents of any press pack.

(ii) How do you propose to measure the effectiveness of the campaign?

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