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Ask Suppose I offer you a loan to start a safety matchstick production unit on the following terms:

I shall first advance you Rs.50,000/- to set up your unit, and wait for 3 months so that you can buy the equipment and start production. (Assume that Rs.50,000/- is enough for this.)
After the three months are over and you have started production, I shall give you Rs.50,000/- every day, for 60 days.
In return, I ask you for very little. You shall give me one matchstick on the first day, double that (i.e.,2) on the second day, double that (i.e., 2x2=4) on the third day, and so on, for 60 days.
On the 60th day, after the transactions are over, our agreement shall end, and we shall owe each other nothing. In exchange for the huge amount of money that I will have given you, I would be satisfied with the matchsticks you will have given me in 60 days.
a) Would you accept the offer!

b) Who will gain from this deal, and by how much? #Minimum 100 words accepted#
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