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MATHEMATICS- IN OUR LIVES : What is the most obvious example of mathematics in your life? To many of us it is the maths that we studied in school. But is that all the mathematics in our lives? Do the people who don't go to school never encounter mathematics?


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The logarithm of the Poisson mixture likelihood (3.10) can be calculated with the following R code: sum(log(outer(x,lambda,dpois) %*% delta)), where delta and lambda are m-ve

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Example of Imaginary Numbers: Example 1: Multiply √-2  and √-32 Solution: (√-2)( √-32) = (√2i)( √32i) =√64 (-1) =8 (-1) =-8 Example 2: Divid

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lim(x->0) xln²(xln(x))

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1. Let M be the PDA with states Q = {q0, q1, and q2}, final states F = {q1, q2} and transition function δ(q0, a, λ) = {[q0, A]} δ(q0, λ , λ) = {[q1, λ]} δ(q0, b, A) = {[q2

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howmany numbers made by digit 0,1,2,3,5,7,9 but any digit isnot repeted

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Logarithmic Differentiation : There is one final topic to discuss in this section. Taking derivatives of some complicated functions can be simplified by using logarithms.  It i

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Keith wants to know the surface area of a basketball. Which formula will he use? The surface area of a sphere is four times π times the radius squared.

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