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Q. Materials used in insulation?

All materials must be non-corrosive, compatible with other materials and used in accordance with the Manufacturer's recommendations.

All materials supplied shall be new and undamaged. All insulation material shall be properly stored and protected from moisture. Insulation that is damp or wet shall be properly dried to the satisfaction of the OWNER or replaced at Contractor's expense.

All insulation shall be rigid and self-supporting.

Insulation materials containing asbestos or polyurethane shall not be used. Insulation being applied to stainless steel must contain less than 125 ppm of leachable chlorides. All insulation materials selected shall conform to the regulations of the latest edition of the Occupational Health and & Safety Act and all other applicable standards.

Insulation materials applied to austenitic stainless steel shall meet the requirements of ASTM C-795.

Acceptable materials are not limited to those brands or trade names listed below. Equivalent, in particular those listed in the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada's National Insulation Standards Manual, may be used with the written approval of the OWNER.

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