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advantages and disadvantages of hot working

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Describe the mechanics of orthogonal cutting, Describe the Mechanics of ort...

Describe the Mechanics of orthogonal cutting. What is chip thickness ratio and formulae for it ? Explain Shear angle relationship based on Merchant's minimum cutting energy prin

Cylinder head-basic components of engine , Cylinder Head: It is fitted at...

Cylinder Head: It is fitted at top of the cylinder block. It provides space for the arrangement of spark plug, combustion chamber, camshaft, cam chain, valves and intake and exha

Som, What is the tesisting force

What is the tesisting force

Projectles on an inclined plane, a misile is fired at speed v and an angle ...

a misile is fired at speed v and an angle m that is inclide at an angle r to the horizontal.calculate the range

Evaluate resultant force on the bucket, A single jet pelton wheel runs at 3...

A single jet pelton wheel runs at 300 rpm under a head of 510 m. the jet diameter is 200m, its deflection inside the bucket is 165 o and its relative velocity is reduced by 15% be

Resultant of coplanar concurrent force system, Resultant of coplanar concur...

Resultant of coplanar concurrent force system: The resultant force, of given system of forces can be found out by the resolution method, which is discussed below: Assume th

Engine oil replacement procedure, Engine oil replacement Motorcycle i...

Engine oil replacement Motorcycle is thoroughly drained by kicking the vehicle several times. Inspect the drain bolt washer and replace if necessary. Tighten the drai

Electron beam welding-aerospace applications, AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS   ...

AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS   The need for EBW as a critical fabrication process in realising elements and assemblies for spacecraft and launch vehicle programmes due to the foll

Determine resultant of four forces - mechanics, Determine resultant of four...

Determine resultant of four forces: D etermine resultant of four forces tangent to the circle of radius 3m shown in the figure given below.  What will be the location of it

List out the types of fixtures, List out the Types of fixtures? Mil...

List out the Types of fixtures? Milling fixtures Lathe fixtures. Grinding fixtures Broaching fixtures Assembly fixtures Inspection fixtures Boring f

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