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Consider the following flow (in thousands of people) between the various labour market states in a particular month:

Pre-Funded Pension: A pension plan in that funds are invested and accumulated throughout an individual's working life in order to pay for subsequent disbursement of pension benefit

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Input-Output Models Input-output models are used in economics of education in studies of cost-quality and education-labour-earnings relationships. Different levels and forms

How has the haberler''s theory of opportunity cost an improvement over the classical theory of trade

what are the main properties and assumptions of indifference curve

Joe Brown’s dairy operates in a perfectly competitive marketplace. Joe’s machinery costs $500 per day and is the only fixed input. His variable costs are comprised of the wages pai

Island Economy: Consider an economy as a sea with islands of local markets. Each household produces goods and sells them on one and only one of the arrays of these markets. Go

The Industry's Long Run Supply Curve *  The Effects of Tax - Earlier we studied how firms respond to taxes on an input. - Now, we will consider how firm responds to tax o

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