Maintenance in the continuing care cycle, Biology

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Maintenance in the Continuing Care Cycle

Impaired dexterity: Any impairment of dexterity, even if it is temporary, may be detrimental to dental implants because home maintenance care is complex.  Make sure that caregivers understand all aspects of home care.

Stress: Patients who are undergoing stressful periods may develop increased grinding or clenching habits.  Although natural teeth adapt to increased force, in implants this can lead to mechanical fatigue, which can eventually cause component loosening or fracture. Night-guards, may help prevent future restorative and component failures.

Medication causing xerostomia: The patient should be referred back to the treating doctor in order to explore the possibility of alternative medication. The use of lozenges to stimulate salivation and the use of saliva substitute if necessary should be done to offset this condition


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