Looking to build fifa coins selling and buying website, DOT NET Programming

Looking to build FIFA coins selling and buying website

Project Description:

I would like a website made for FIFA 14 TEAM. What this website will do is having automatically buy and sell cards on FIFA by using the EA servers. I need to allow me to buy any card on the market and work for Playstation, PC and Xbox markets This process needs to be totally automated and lets the users work within. I have listed some websites as example below:

Here is the web application:


It be a big help if i knew someone who has designed this before. I am also seeking the website to be designed too.

There are lots of different types of objects, which are shown as cards (bronze, silver, gold), so the software has to identify which card is what.

There are also INFORM cards, which are in another color (Black/Blue). They are particular Cards of players which get a special version for a good real life performance ect. so it is one more task for the software to know the difference.

There are also chemistry styles which make cards to have different prices. It would be nice to selected card with specific chemistry style.

What features this requires to contains:

- Automated Selling of Cards

- Automated Buying Cards

- Pricefix detector (when someone buys all of the cards an relist them with stupid price)- Working with database of players, saving search prices etc.- Run 24/7 with very little manual work

- Automatic price finder of cards (Lowest price and lowest few prices) and checker every x minute

- Efficient and fast HTTP requests to EA servers

- Login to EA servers

- Be able to work with all cards

Skills required:

.NET, MySQL, C# Programming, PHP, Website Testing

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 5:33:17 AM | Location : United States

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