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The discussion is cantered on creativity in the context of process and stimulation of creative potential through the techniques. As it is premised, the creative action has various circumstances which can be fostered by a particular method; hence the references are made where appropriate to the key concepts of the theory of creativity and other fields of study. Particular attention is drawn to creative writing as a creative process and specific tools that help to develop creative attitudes and harness the process. Thus, several topics seem to recur in the discussions which are likely to namely group work, foster the process, environment and enjoyment, conformity, self and motivation, leadership, preliminary instructions and practical tools. The experiment is based on the Loesje creative text writing workshops wherein the participants collectively create short texts (slogans) by being guided by the facilitator of the workshop. Loesje is seen as an enhancing creativity tool and parallel with acknowledged tools for fostering creativity. The analysis is divided into six major factors highlighted by the respondents as stimulating their creative potential.

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