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Provides one dimensional ("ice pick") view of the heart only provides information with respect to the distance of each object from the transducer and no information in the lateral dimensions 2D echocardiography. 2D echocardiographic examinal the ultrasound beam across of the heart. 2D images are tomographic plane and axis :ion  involves mechanically or electronically sweeping the  tomographic plane to generate a real time image similar to a thin slice of the heart along the of ultrasound beam.


1)  Allows evaluation of  the anatomical details, size and motion of various cardiac  stnictures.

2)  Valvular morphology, estimation of valve area by planimetry.

3)  Cardiac size, volumes and function.

4)  lntracardiac hemodynamics.

5)  Disorders of pericardium and great vessels.

6)  Acts as a guide for the placement of curser and sample volume  for accurate M-Mode and Doppler examination.

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