Limitations of operational researchers, Operation Research

Among other limitations of O. R the followings deserve mention:

a. Basis: The operational researchers must be unbiased. An attempt to shoehorn result sin to a confirmation of management prior preferences can greatly increase the likelihood of failure.

b. Inadequate Objective Functions: The use of a single objective functions is often an insufficient basis for decisions. Laws regulations public relations market strategies etc. May all serve to overrule a choice arrived at in this way.

c. Internal Resistance: The implementation an optimal decision may also confront internal obstacles such as tribe unions or individual managers with strong preferences for other ways of doing the job.

d. Competence: Competent O. R analysis calls for the careful specifications of alternatives a full comprehension of the underlying mathematical relationship and a huge mass, of data. Formulation of an industrial problem to an O. R set programme is quite often a difficult task.

e. Reliability of the Prepared Solution : At times a non linear relationship is changed to linear for fitting the problem to L. P pattern. This may disturb the solution.

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