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At the beginning of the process in an animal cell, the partition of the centriole takes place, which has been duplicated during Interphase but were in the same centrosome.


Early in mitosis the two pairs of centriole separate and migrate to opposite sides of the nucleus, establishing the bipolarity of the dividing cells.

Formation of Microtubules:

Three sets of microtubules (fibers) originated from each pair of centrioles. One set the astral microtubules; radiate outward and form aster, other two sets of microtubules compose the spindle.

Types of Microtubules:

The Kinetochore Microtubules attach to the chromosomes at kinetochore and Polar Microtubules do not interact the chromosomes but instead interdigiate with polar microtubules from the opposite pole.

Composition of Microtubules:

The microtubules are composed of a protein tubulin and traces of RNA.

Mitotic Apparatus:

This specialized microtubules structure including aster and spindle is called mitotic apparatus.

Role of Mitotic Apparatus:

This is larger than the nucleus, and is designed to attach and capture chromosomes, align them and finally separating them so that equal distribution of chromosomes is ensured.

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