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Your company completed the site work for the South Pointe office complex. The costs are shown in Figure 11-3. The site concrete labor and landscaping were done by subcontractors. The demolition and grubbing and the grading and excavation were done by the company's excavation crew. The company's minimum profit and overhead markup is 15%. Determine the profit generated by the estimator, project management, and the excavation crew on this project.
Job: 411 South Pointe Site Work May 15, 2004
Contract Billed ----------------------Costs----------------------
Code Description Amount to Date Actual Budget Overrun
2050 Demolition & Grubbing 33,562 35,000 -1,438
2100 Grading & Excavation 20,500 19,500 1,000
2610 Site Conc.-Labor 19,200 19,200 0
2620 Site Conc.-Concrete 9,375 9,900 -525
2700 Landscaping 37,500 37,500 0
Job Total 138,000 128,000 120,137 121,100 -963

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