Invoice discounting or factoring, Managerial Accounting

If a company creates sales to a number of customers on credit terms this will have to wait for two or still three months before its debtors pay that they owe. It means that the debtors should be financed through the company, and the concept of factoring is to Passover to the finance of debtors by the selling company to a particular factoring, finance Bank or company. After reviewing, the factoring company's amount of the debts and the creditworthiness of the debtors, such will pay the selling company, on the end of the month wherein the sales were completed, the amount this can expect to obtain from the debtors as less a percentage. In this method the selling company receives its money one or two months previous than would generally be the case. The factoring company will after that collects the debts from the selling company's customers while they fall due.

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